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Sucks from the land of discounts
This week has been rather full of sucks. I had two weeks off before this and it seems like the sucky customers were all waiting for me to get back ¬__¬ (this is an accidental emoticon. I accidentally hit the ¬ button and thought it would make an annoyed looking face haha.)

Suck 1)

This one really made me angry. It wasn’t directed at me. Two girls of around 18-20 came to my till, talking about another customer. According to them, the other customer was a ‘drooling retard who looked like she’d shat herself.’ They also said that she’d probably escaped from the ‘loony bin’ and that the men in white coats needed to come and catch her.

I made them aware with a scathing look that what they just said was in no way, shape or form, an acceptable thing to say, and continued to scan their stuff through with an incredulous look written on my face since I couldn’t quite grasp how anyone, regardless of their age, could talk like that.

Different customer, but same kind of suck: To the boy around 12 buying things with his mates, stop pretending to be disabled (he was pretending he couldn’t use his arms and was rolling his eyes, and he also pretended that he couldn’t talk properly). I know he was putting it on because as soon as I’d served him he stopped the act.

Suck 2)

Oh my God. Me and my colleagues could have screamed at these girls that kept running into the shop, around the aisles, making as much mess and noise as possible, and then running off. They were about 13-14. When they left the first time we could hear them shouting and screaming all the way up the street. We thought that was the end of it. Nope. They came running back in and did the same. They left. Came back. This time, after their little stint around the shop, they bought things. They were rude to me, and disrespectful (nothing personal, just lacked pleases and thank-you’s and barked at me), and STILL yelling and screaming about nothing in particular. They bought chocolate and a six-pack of water. They started squabbling with each other, each one trying to grab a bottle of water. They then left the empty packet that the bottles came in on the floor, as well as their receipts (they bought things separately, so there was about 4 receipts) and then ran off, screaming and running around in the street. About three minutes later they came in again and ran around screaming and yelling. This time, the supervisor on the shop floor told them to quieten down and stop running about. They left. But came back AGAIN. And just blatantly ignored what my supervisor had told them. Hence about five minutes more of them running about and causing trouble. The other customers looked quite distressed so my supervisor told them enough was enough and to get out and not come back. They never came back after that!

Suck 3)

I was quite busy putting chocolate on the front of the tills. A man approached me with a basket of stuff and demanded that he needed serving. Oh boy, I thought. Sounds like a bit of a rude one. Anyway, I told him, and pointed, to the till behind me, just to my right. But when I went round he was walking round to another till.

“Just this one, right here!” I said, looking at it and nodding, as well as pointing. He just ignored me and carried on right round to the tills on the other side. I went round to my till and told him yet again that I was serving from this till right here.

“I’m standing HERE! Why can’t you serve me from over here?” he yelled.

Because I just told you three times that this is my till, right here, and you’ve gone to the wrong till.

“Sorry, you’ll have to come round. This is my till.”

“Well I’m here now! What is wrong with you serving me from here?”

Um. Because my till is right at the opposite fucking end? Do you not realise how awkward it would be for me to pick your stuff from your basket, walk over to my till so that I can scan it and then walk back so that I can put it in a bag for you? Well, the guy wouldn’t listen to reason so I decided to make it easier on myself and scan and bag his stuff up at my till, and then give him his bag at the end of the transaction.

He didn’t like this and shouted at me, “Why are you bagging my stuff over there when I’m standing HERE? You’re making things awkward for me!” (LOL! I’m making things awkward for YOU? Are you kidding me right now?!) and then put his arms in the air and walked off in a huff, leaving me with about 5 items on my till screen and 5 items in the bag that I would have to put back on the shop floor, as well as a basket of stuff that I hadn’t even processed yet.

A couple of minor sucks:

Dear impatient lady, stop complaining about how I’m the only cashier on. I’ve just buzzed for another cashier. Purposely refusing to be served by me when the other cashier’s jumped on and talking shit about me to the cashier is really fucking rude. And lol at praising the cashier for jumping on to help out because the other one (me) didn’t have the common sense to call for someone… er… you DO realise that the other cashier is on BECAUSE I BUZZED FOR HIM, RIGHT? No? Oh.

And to the impatient man who, when it came to his turn, snottily asked why I was the only cashier on, well. There are a total of THREE people in the ENTIRE shop. The lady in front of you, you, and the other lady waiting behind you. It’s also 15 minutes to closing and my till is the only one left. Also, do you see the shelves and how they’re all full? They don’t fill themselves. If we had another cashier jump on every time someone had to wait for service because there’s someone else being served before them, the shop would be empty and you wouldn’t be able to buy anything! The ONLY reason you had to wait at all was because I had just scanned about 30 different items through my till… AKA a lengthy transaction. I tried to tell you why I was the only one on in a civil way as possible, but you cut across me telling me you’d been waiting 15 minutes. No. It was 4. You weren’t happy so you asked for my manager. He’s not in. You grumbled and moaned for the duration of your transaction and left in a mood. Why? The customer behind you laughed at you. She thought you were being ridiculous.


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Suck 3: I just do not get people like this! I had a similar, but not nearly as bad, one the other day. With my store's registers, it can be difficult to tell if the counter is on the left or the right. I usually point and gesture to the correct side and they get the message. But I had one woman come up when there was no line and she was on the wrong side. So I politely asked her to come around the other side. She said to me in a real nasty tone of voice 'Because it's too hard for you to take my items here?' I someone managed to keep my cheery retail persona and just say 'My bags and scanner are on the other side'. She came and didn't say much of anything else but seriously? I'm not asking you to take five steps because I'm lazy, it's because you're on the wrong side and I can't serve you there!

And I can't stand when people ask if you can call someone else up to ring. Don't you know I've either already done it and they're on the way or there's no one else for me to call? Do you think I like have a long line of impatient customers who think it's my fault our budget has been cut and thus we're understaffed?

Stupid customers... good luck with yours!


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i hate getting my returns when there's a long line at the customer service desk because of the impatient people that ask me "can't you help us?". i just say "sorry, i'm not a cashier" but i wish i could say "don't you think i'd open a register if i was able to and saw this line?" haha. sometimes i can just feel them staring at me.


2013-06-15 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

I think you guys need a big security dude to stand at the door.


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We've suggested it to the higher ups but they won't let us because the shop isn't big enough. And even if we could, we wouldn't be able to afford one anyway.


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Maybe a scarecrow version then :P


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#1 reminded me -- when I worked for B. Dalton, we had a regular who was developmentally and physically disabled. Nice guy, always came in alone, loved baseball. Ocasionally we'd have to remind him to use an "indoor voice", but otherwise we all liked him.

Woman comes into the store wanting to buy a book for her son for Christmas. Tells me "I thought you could tell me which books he has already - he's that big retarded gimp that's always in here pestering you girls" :0 I was literally struck speechless! I picked out a nice book on baseball that I knew John didn't have and finished serving her with hardly a word.


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Ah God I think I'd have slapped her. John sounds lovely!


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JFC, his own *mother* said that?! OTOH, I shouldn't be surprised, I'm disabled and I'm fully aware what the Maternal Unit thinks of me. She always pretends to "give me an out" for whatever perfectly normal behavior of mine is bothering her, by saying something along the lines of "well, it's not really your fault, you've had multiple brain surgeries". No shit, she actually said that to my husband. It's why we don't do holiday dinners with my parents anymore.

I find myself fervently hoping your customer's mother used the "big retarded gimp" terminology solely because she thought she was being "cool/hip/with it", and if she''d said "developmentally disabled" maybe you'd have laughed at her or something. But, alas, I doubt that's what she was really thinking.


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I don't know how so many are so fucking disrespectful and destructive. I was a teenaged owl with raging hormones and bad hair and managed to not be a fucking asshole when I went shopping by myself or with my friends.

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