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Entitled snowflake is entitled!
I'm sorry, but I have to vent, or I'mma gonna scream at this point.

I work front desk for a hotel, and we have the usual loyalty card. The Smiths are base level rewards members, but by god, you'd think they're super-vibranium-adamantium-alloy-level, by the way they carry on. Our biggest peeve is that the girl will take a Big Gulp Cup from a gas station and barge into our kitchen area, and just help herself to whatever, and rummage in the fridge. Seeing they came in last night, our manager locked the kitchen.

Needless to say, Mrs Smith came down, and rattled the handle, and then flipped out because the door was locked. I said that due to unauthorized access, we've had to lock it, and whoo boy, apparently that was the wrong thing to say. "I'm a REWARDS MEMBER, I DESERVE my JUICE!"

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but the kitchen is now locked. The health inspector would shut us down if she saw non-kitchen staff using unapproved containers such as the cup you're holding in our kitchen."

"My husband's a diabetic, he NEEDS his JUICE!"

I explained that the vending machine carries non-diet drinks, and that there's sugared items in the other vending machine, but no. "Are you stupid? Diabetics have to have ORANGE JUICE!!! Are you trying to KILL him?!"

"Well, each individual is different. My grandmother had diabetes, and she found that the higher sugar amount in non-diet sodas raised her blood sugar better. If the orange juice is a requirement," (at this point she started smirking), "there is a 24-hour Hellmart down the road, and just across the parking lot is a 24 hour pharmacy, right there at the intersection of Healthy and Happy. Both of them will carry orange juice."

She's furious and pissed, but seriously? I don't know where that cup has been, and if she asked nicely, like others have, I'd happily help her. But she's a chronic problem with just waltzing into the kitchen to grab whatever she feels like. *headdesk* Our manager is getting very frustrated with this problem, and he's seriously contemplating fully locking the kitchen so nobody can get in there without management being on the property. Which is going to be fun, explaining either to guests that I'm sorry, there's no way I can make you fresh coffee at 3 am, or explaining to my manager that I need the kitchen unlocked at 3 am to brew a pot of coffee for the truckers.

Sorry, just had to rant a bit.

Edit: Turns out her rattled on the door and pushing at it jammed it up... I had to call the maintenance guy out at 4:30 this morning to take the handle off the door and re-install it. She did not get anything out of the vending machines, and has not left the room again.


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"Sorry ma'am, but you're the reason we can't have nice things anymore."


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*laughs* This, exactly!!


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Wow... seriously! This is like walking into a fast food place and walking behind the counter to grab stuff. Like, seriously? Management did the right thing by locking the kitchen, but I also think she should be spoken to about it by management as well. :/


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Unfortunately, our management doesn't like confrontation, which I understand, but tends to aggravate the situation. I agree fully though!


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That's the thing I tend to dislike about management. They hate confrontation, especially when it has to come to that. (Well most of the time. I haven't had that issue yet, but most of my friends have. I've had managers and customers back me up in the past.) Unless they can take it out on the employee to make the "special snowflake" happy.


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"Sorry ma'am, but due to your continued abuse of the facilities you have been banned from the premises."


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Oh, how I wish. Especially after jamming the door! *crosses fingers and hopes*


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My girlfriend is diabetic, and... we always make sure to carry stuff around, yeah it can be a pain to have a larger than normal bag even if you're just heading up town for a browse, but I'd rather that, and have a couple of drinks and bars of chocolate so if she needs them we have it on hand regardless of where we are.

I'm guessing the diabetic thing is either a lie, or real but being used as an excuse (leading to the wife who cried wolf at some point I bet) because otherwise she wouldn't do it all the time, or would come to the counter and ask one of the staff to please fetch it for her if it was actually a desperate situation.


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Agree entirely, especially as someone who also has to exhibit a lot of personal responsibility in regards to preparing for health issues.


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What's caught our attention is that when he stays by himself, he never has an issue, never asks for orange juice. And she didn't get anything from the machine, just went upstairs, and hasn't come back down or left the property, which REALLY makes me think it's a lie or an excuse. Because really?? Typically we help out a guest any way we can, especially if it's a medical-related issue, but she's abusing the system.

I have a friend who's diabetic, and my grandmother, and though I see them infrequently, I always have a tube of glucose tablets in my purse, just in case. I don't know of anyone who has a medical problem and doesn't take steps to prevent an issue if they're out and about, you know?

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It seriously sounds like she's crying wolf about the husband. Being a diabetic myself, anything sugary or carb heavy will work to raise my blood sugar-granted, different things do work for people better-I get a faster raise in sugar if I drink something sweet rather than eat a candy bar, for instance, so I always have a regular small can of soda on me when I go out and about-but seriously? It doesn't have to be OJ and only OJ that would raise it.


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Hah, my dad is diabetic and when he has low blood sugar he's a dick and WILL NOT eat or drink anything you produce for him. I still carry glucose tablets for him, but I don't know what I expect to do with them, shove them into his mouth when he's not looking?! The only thing that works is eating and drinking things myself and pretending it's a situation where it'd be inpolite to refuse the drink/food (we're British haha).


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My dad's the same way, but with the addition of finding it funny. So it's more like you think he drank the coke/OJ, then he would spit it out at someone and start giggling. Of course, he's already kind of a dick and loves his scotch like Ron Burgundy which didn't help!


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I have a small tube of stuff. They're like tums but with sugar in em, they come in tubes in plenty of pretty flavours for about a dollar. They do not NEED orange juice, they need sugar. She's misinformed. If her s.o. can't chew, this stuff comes in little bottles too like energy drinks, but just sugar. Geez. It also comes in tubes of gel.

And you're totally right, you go up and ask. Nicely. Even if you don't need it. And you just WANT it, you ask.

And the OP is totally not kidding about health inspectors hating outside containers seriously. This stuff gets kitchens shut the heck down.

If it ends up locked all night, I'd suggest OP maybe get a key so the truckers get their coffee, cause well, truckers bloody need their caffeine fix nu?


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What is this stuff called? This sounds perfect for me!!! Sometimes, I desperately need sugar, but the thought of eating a chocolate bar or candy is such a turn off sometimes.


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I think they are referring to glucose tablets?


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I was interested in the brand name.


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amazon has a bunch of different flavors of the tubes of Dex 4 brand glucose tablets.

they're the ones i keep on hand, too.


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Thanks, I'll have to keep my eye out for this.


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My mother is diabetic and we always make sure to put at least something to drink that's sweet in her purse (or in mine). But, we tend to carry small snacks if it's an all day outing. If we forget (which has happened once in the past) then we always, always try to find the closest place to get whatever she needs or we kindly ask an employee for assistance (the one time she crashed was at restaurant where it was very busy, we politely asked if my mom could get her drink now and we even said that the rest of us could wait until she was able to get to us and explained why).

I've never once thought of going into an employee's only area and helping myself. Seriously? Where do people get these ideas?


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you'd think they're super-vibranium-adamantium-alloy-level, by the way they carry on. XDD WIN!

Diabetic my ass or if he is he does a really shitty job of managing it. My dad's best friend is diabetic and we've been called to his house a few times in desperation when he's have a low and is acting up.

If it was a total emergency and the guy's sugar levels were that bad, I feel like I'd be running to the staff asking for help! PLZ HALP MY MAN IS VERY UN WELL. Not trying to break into a fucking kitchen :| I can't believe she thinks its okay to just go into what is clearly a staff only area. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?!


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Your pains. I feels them. I just can't believe someone would waltz into a hotel kitchen... Oh wait. This is people we are talking about.

Go your manager for locking it. Do you have to make/get beverages for guests whenever they request it? Or is there a specific time frame?


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Even the door was fed up with her shenanigans.


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yes, listen to door, it will show you the way.


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I loathe people who fail to plan ahead, expect special treatment then toss out a disease or disability to justify their special treatment.

If her husband must have OJ or he might die, then she better have some with her at all times no? Plan Ahead.

edited because my brain need OJ more coffee

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Well once in a blue moon your plans fubar. You forget your purse, you leave it in the car which is parked far away, you lock it in the room and you're at a restaurant (someone else has the money but you forgot your stuff.) The point is you act like a human being about it. You go all "OMG I forgot this, can you please help?"

But you ask and be nice about it. Most people will help.


2013-04-28 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

True True - we've had that happen (like when I mistakenly took 3 of my husband's much needed stalevo thinking they were Advil - they look the same and same type of bottle if you don't have your glasses on LOL). We've also forgotten things a time of two as well. Usually we take responsibility when that happens but if we couldn't - I DEFINITELY would be asking nice and/or begging.

We've also learned our mistake: the bottle for stalevo is short squat like an advil bottle. We now bring the BIG bottle of Advil and he doesn't put his drugs one the same place as mine :P


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This is something that pisses me off so much about the restaurant kitchen at our hotel - so many guests just waltz in and help themselves to a drink from the fridge and then call out "I'm just taking a water!" or whatever as they waltz right back out.

Firstly, as another commenter said, who just walks into a restaurant kitchen and helps themselves? You would never do it in any other restaurant, so why here?

Secondly, it's a small kitchen and the girls are whirling around with hot pans of food and knives and precariously balancing dishes - they don't need extra people underfoot.

Thirdly, the girls in the restaurant have a hard enough time keeping track of who is ordering what so that they can keep the billing correct - I'm sure that a lot of the time they're so frantically trying to finish a meal and deliver it to the table and then back to cook the next meal that they've forgotten who took what.

I've put a professional sign on the door which says "staff only" and I've told the girls I can talk to the guests about not doing this, but they're so Thai-polite they just smile nervously and say "never mind". Gah.

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What is with the rash of people claiming to have life-threatening issues in order to get their way, lately? First we had Allergy Lady, the "My Daughter has cancer so she needs FRESH Wedges" (assuming that one was faked, it very well could be true--I mean faked by the woman, not the OP) and now Juice Lady?

Ugh. kind of makes me glad retail won't hire without experience here and fast food won't hire anyone older than a college or high school student here (I'm in Denver). I wouldn't last five minutes with the stupid.

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I suspect the concepts of coffee, truckers, and 3am might get your manager to reconsider their presence being needed to open the kitchen. Leaving it with the front desk person would seem to make more sense.


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My husband's a frequent flyer. When I mentioned this story to him, he said "Well, if he's diabetic and he and his wife are *flying* everywhere together, it might be difficult to carry juice on the plane. On the other hand, if they're *driving* everywhere, there's no excuse not to have the 'right' kind of juice with them when they travel." Not to mention what the OP pointed out about various local options to buy the (ahem) "right" kind of OJ. Entitled Lady is just entitled.


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Every airport I've been through lately has shops past the security gate that sell things like orange juice and soda for significantly more than they cost outside airport security. But the airline has no objection to your filling you carry-on bag with pints of orange juice, if you think you'll need them on board or right after landing.


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It maybe depends on if it's an international flight into the states? I've flown out of Incheon, South Korea. You can get through the initial checkpoint with liquids purchased before hand. But when you go to board a flight bound for the USA, they check your bags for liquids and other items banned for flights into the USA.

Either way, it's dumb because you can still carry on candies and sugar packs/tablets, or have the flight attendant bring you a sugary drink in flight.


2013-04-28 07:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

Holy shit, what? You can't just waltz into a staff-only area and help yourself! Who the heck does she think she is?


2013-04-28 10:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Here's one for you: a customer managed to find their way to the employee break room (passing through several staff only areas/doors that are all well marked) and demanding to know why the room's a mess and where the servers are because he's hungry.


2013-04-29 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)

...What? Just...what?

Ugh, I hope that idiot got thrown out or at least reamed. That's totally inappropriate and the thoughts of doing that...well, they've never crossed my mind...not once.


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Wow...marginally less stupid, but also had a customer walk past numerous signs/through numerous doors then complain about the language I was using. I was dropping f-bombs left and right bc I had just steamed my hand on the coffee machine (I have the special skill of injuring myself in ways you really shouldn't be able to), directly on the palm (basically think that last sentence but with "fucking" betweeen every word or 2 lol). Plus I was venting about a table and just generally in a crappy mood that day so in order to fake smile at tables I needed that "you can't hear me" area that day. Yes, the language was bad, but you would have to be disturbingly unobservant to not realize that it was blatantly an employee area (and that profanity happens in restaurant when you can't hear us...)


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I HATE loyalty card members. They treat that membership like a freaking douchebag pass. I had one lady check completely in, and afterwards say in the most condescending tone "we're card members, don't we get an upgrade?" No, "please", no "if you have any" just automatic assumption that I'd kiss her ass on sight. It was so nice to smile and tell her, "sorry but all we have available is your regular room type, I can move you upstairs possibly" We were a dinky back woods affair, no upgrades whatsoever even available.
In my 3 years of desk clerking, the loyalty card and platinum credit card holders were the worst of the entitled, snobby, assholes I ever dealt with. Well, aside from the one preacher-woman that I almost kicked out.


2013-04-29 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

Its awful in retail when you get a customer who really seems to think they are the ONLY people with the "rewards card". You just waited in line and heard it offered to every person in front of flash people: everyone got one. I've heard this from people a few times at Walgreens since they started a rewards time a lady kept about six people in line trying to get a last weeks sale price because "but I'm a REWARDS MEMBER". I finally got everyone waiting in line to hold up their cards, said "pardon me, ma'am", and everyone waved their "sooper speshul" cards while I said "rewards cards don't take us back in time, k?". I heart my regular walgreens and don't mind them living vicariously through me for a brief moment :)


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I wonder if billing her for the door would get the point across. Somehow I doubt it.


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When I was working at Walmart, we would have people, during the weeklong 'religious' festival stroll right into the employee breakroom, use the microwave, check out (and take stuff) from the fridges. It got to the point we made a special attempt to have the monks explain to everyone there just WHAT 'DO NOT ENTER, EMPLOYEES ONLY' meant. Heck..I had people wander into my produce area, and start browsing (and eating) in the produce cooler.