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Update to this story:

The day after this story was posted the customers were out all day; there was a little more bad behaviour from the boys that evening, but not much more than enough to warrant stern words from us (again). They were checking out the next so we decided just to leave it.

When they checked out the two fathers came to see me and basically said that they thought I was lovely, but the rest of the staff were horrible, horrible people who shouted at everybody all the time. I calmly explained that this was because their sons were incredibly badly behaved and didn't listen to instructions from any of the staff, and I listed all of the things the boys had been doing.

They vehemently denied their boys were anything but little angels - I truly believe, however, that I saw a little glint of recognition/acknowledgement in their eyes. There is just no way that either (a) this is the first time the little turds had behaved that badly, or (b) nowhere else they have been to has ever had to reprimand them.

They started coming up with all of these excuses - "the boys don't understand English!" (Trust me, they understood the word "no" perfectly.) "You should have said something to us!" (We did - repeatedly. You either ignored us or actively encouraged your boys to keep going.) Then they said that one of the Thai managers threatened to kill their kids. This was kind of a weird thing to say so I didn't really respond because I was perplexed, but they then started denying everything again and it was left like that.

I found out afterwards that the Thai manager had caught the boys attacking one of our cats - swinging a big stick like a baseball bat trying to hit it. He was so angry his already tenuous grasp of the English language failed him and he shouted at them "you kill my cat I kill you!". Now I fully acknowledge that this is a pretty awful thing to say to a kid, but in all honesty if it was me that had caught them I would have been so angry I'm not really sure how I would have reacted.

Today they left a review on the agency site through which they'd booked, and part of their comment was "They did not like children, as they are seen and heard and likes to jump in the pool. They barked all the time on them with a very unpleasant language!" (This is using Google translate). Unlike Trip Advisor this agency site does not have a right of reply, so I am going to contact the agency and explain to them that the children:

 - attacked one of our cats
 - threw coconuts at passing motorbike drivers
 - kicked our banana trees until they fell over
 - ignored all instructions from staff and laughed in their faces

Hopefully they will be able to do something about the review.

I had this absolutely amazing idea afterwards - to have a site set up exactly like Trip Advisor, except that instead of guests commenting on hotels hotel staff can comment on guests and warn other hotels. Things like:

- "very badly behaved children who damage property and endanger other peoples lives - I recommend refusing this booking if you can"
- "Stock up on surplus towels - this guest is not happy unless he has 17 towels per day"
- "This guest is harmless but tends to spit on you when talking - keep your distance"
- "don't bend over backwards for this guest - trust me, there is nothing you can do to make them happy"

But then I realised that probably every other hotel staff member who works on the front line has probably had exactly the same thought.


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if I'd caught that kid going after my cat with a baseball bat threatening to kill him would have been the nicest thing I'd have done. That should have been grounds for immediate eviction.


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm the same. My friend who works here has a young boy, and when he was about 2 I caught him trying to kick our new kitten. I was so angry I tried to swat him on the bum, but luckily he stepped forward just at that moment and I missed.

I was horrified at my lack of control (I would never lay a hand on him normally) but something about trying to hurt an animal like that brings out something primal in us, so in all honesty I just can't find fault with the Thai manager for saying what he did.


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I'm with the other posters. If the kid was after my cat with a bat, I'd be introducing the little stain to something called an "atomic swirlie".

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"You kill my cat I kill you!" Actually, I think the Thai manager put it quite succinctly. I'm a native English speakier but I couldn't have said it better myself.


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No one hurts my pets. Nor will I allow anyone to hurt any other animal if I can do anything to prevent it.


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I don't think the Thai manager overreacted at all. I get angry when I see kids trying to kick pigeons in the street. If I saw one trying to take a swing at a cat- especially one of my own- I would not be held accountable for my actions. I most certainly would have grabbed the kid, taken him to his parents and make him explain why he thought it was acceptable to try and beat up a defenceless and innocent animal.

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I love how I go on a vacation to relax and let go of my cares, and the hotel staff are such assholes, asking me to parent my children, and yelling at my kids for acting like assholes, and expecting me to step in and reprimand little Johnny or Susie when they're just acting like the spoiled, out-of-control brats I've trained them to be. What IS it with these resorts and hotels and cruise lines and citizens of other places acting like I shouldn't be allowed to come to their city or country on vacation and demand that everyone do things MY way, and accommodate MY needs and desires above those of literally everyone else? I'm paying to be here and have FUN, so you should parent my kids and feed me and entertain me, and stop making me be a responsible grown-up person who delivers appropriate consequences to her children for bad behaviour!

Jeez, you just don't like Canadians, or children! [/sarcasm]


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That's okay, I still remember the Michael Fay case from about twenty years ago. Teenage kid (from the US) went to Singapore with his family. He decided he was bored, so he vandalized a few cars. Punishment for vandalism was caning. "Human rights activists" from the US and other parts of the world gasped in horror at such "inhumane" treatment for such a "little thing". I couldn't help but think "When in Rome..." followed closely by "If you can't do the time..."

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Actually, I am surprised no one has created such a site, visible only to hotels if not public, I suppose for "privacy reasons". Though, if you work at a chain, maybe they should invest in an intranet thingy, so that at least within your chain you can pass messages in a guest profile. We something like that, but it's mostly to keep track of our membership program.


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The intranet thing would be good. I suppose a lot of companies have something like that where they can put notes on someones account. Would be great if you could get something like that on the go. Warn the hell out of everyone XD

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Man I so wish you could have thrown them out. I cannot believe the kid even made to attack one of your cats. That is just disgusting. And I hate that the parents just denied it all. I swear if I had kids and I even thought they'd misbehaved in that sort of manner, there would be hell to pay.


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Yeah, such a site would certainly be helpful to proprietors, but I can't see how they'd look someone up except by full given names, and for an individual rather than a business that wants to be found on the Internet, I have issues with that. Also I don't know that many hotels (especially during busy periods,) would have the time to let their staff google all potential bookings (possibly while on the phone with the person taking said bookings.)

What you'd ideally need was a private server with all the information on it that hotels could access, but getting all hotels, motels, rentals and B&Bs and such to plug into such a global venture would take a while.


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I would kill to have a site like that! Or to be able to respond to my bad reviews! At least when we get really bad guests our GM e-mail other GMs and say put these people on the DNR list. Mostly for stealing or insane room damage.


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lol i literally had this same idea 14 years ago while working at the sheraton. back then ratemyprofessor type stuff was all the rage and i would have called this ratemyguest....but, of course anyone who participated would obviously be fired :C

i still feel like especially with GenY at the helms now, eventually public shaming of shitty customers is going to become more and more socially acceptable


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i still feel like especially with GenY at the helms now, eventually public shaming of shitty customers is going to become more and more socially acceptable.

Very good point. Nowadays people are bypassing "the system" and going directly to FaceBook and YouTube with their bad_service and customers_suck stories, complete with photos and videos. This could be the start of a whole new era of "outing" bad behavior in a way we've never seen before.


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I don't work in the hotel industry, but having a website like that would be awesome.


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I am horrified at the kids attacking the cat. Poor cat :/


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I would love a website like that, if only for the reason that I want those douche customers to have access to it and see US give THEM bad reviews for everyone to see.


2013-02-28 05:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Do eeet!!


2013-02-28 05:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

And encourage patrons who did enjoy your hotel to leave glowing reviews, especially those with nice children who your staff were naturally not mean to.

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The kids are lucky threatening is all the manger did. If it had been my cat I would have bypassed words (not by choice, but instinct, you touch my animals and I will touch you).

But then I am rather possessive and protective of my cat...


2013-02-28 06:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

With parents like that who defend them no matter what they do, it's no wonder the kids are such terrors. Nobody taught them that vandalism or animal abuse is wrong.


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When I had my painting business, I belonged to ServiceMagic (is it wrong to state the name here?) There they allowed public feedback and ratings for only the most positive comments. I was across the board a 4 & 5 star contractor. I wish I had seen the secret area years sooner, where you can offer your own feedback to the negative comments customers made about you. I'll never forget the comment some lady left, really angrily, "She refused to tell me what I wanted." Even though it was years later, I remembered who she was and left my own comment, "Lady didn't know what color she wanted, what room she wanted painted, refused to pick out a style, wouldn't let me do samples. What else could I do but leave her my business card and get out?"


2013-03-01 06:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

I don't think I'd have left my card, but that's me!

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