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So we have this customer who comes to our doggy day care/ grooming shop regularly-ish. She started bringing her toy poodle about a year ago when he was about 6 weeks old. Right from the get-go she was clearly one of those pet owners. I want to say that she treats her dog like a human child, except I don't even know anyone who is this ridiculously idiotic about spoiling their children. I love my pets. I'd run into a burning building for them without a second thought. They want for nothing and I will always put their well being above my own. But they are still animals, and I realize that not letting them be what they are is a huge disservice. Still, for the way she spoils him he's sort of a normal dog, though that could be because he is so often around other dogs and people who actually set boundaries and treat him like a dog. A well-loved dog granted, but still a dog.

She is one of the most annoying and difficult customers I have ever had to endure. And that says a lot considering I don't really interact with customers at this shop. For the first 6months or so after she started bringing him to us, she brought him every day. Monday through Saturday. On Sundays and Monday afternoons (we close at 2 on Mondays) my ex roomie who also worked there would keep him at our house. After the drama explosion that got her fired and then me kicked out, we didn't see the dog for several months. When she did start coming back, she started pestering us for discounted and free services. She expects us to brush him, feed him, clean his eye boogers, trim the poop that she lets get stuck to his butt all for free. We will gladly do all those things (minus the feeding, ain't nobody got time for that) if she wants to pay for a bath or a groom. But particularly with trimming things, we groomers don't get paid by the hour, if I trim anything on a dog for free, I'm not getting paid for my work. And I absolutely DO NOT work for free. I've learned the hard way that people will take advantage of you so much if you do them favors. She constantly complains about our prices, and whines that since she is such a good, regular customer that she deserves discounts. Uhhhh.... we DO discount for people in the form of packages. The more day care time you buy at once, the cheaper it is per day. You can get up to half off of daycare that way. But that's not good enough for her.

She also still to this day calls us at LEAST once a day to check on him. Like she wants to know what he's doing, if he's having fun, if he looks sad, does she need to come and get him etc. She is also LOUD and obnoxious. She never lets her dog potty before bringing him to us, and we are always so busy during that time of the morning because EVERYONE is dropping off that we can't take him out so he goes inside. There's a very secure double gated yard out front that you have to walk past to get to the front door.

I haven't groomed him since before July when she stopped coming for those few months. There have been a couple of times she's mentioned getting him groomed but she didn't want to pay what we charged for it. *eyeroll*

Today though there was some sweet sweet justice. She took him to another groomer because she had some sort of coupon, and they cut him pretty short. It was actually a great groom, and he looked really cute. But she was pissed. I mean, she was PISSED. I was actually working on a dog in the grooming area when she came in, and when I realized what had happened I literally started laughing. (She couldn't hear or see from where she was though) We all wanted so badly to tell her though that she shouldn't have gone anywhere else... I don't think the other groomer did anything wrong, but this customer is an idiot and doesn't know jack shit about her dog. She even told us that she told them to "cut him down" which is a very vague instruction. Now if she had told US to "cut him down" we'd know not to go that short because we know her. Although it is not only possible but very likely that he was matted and had to be cut short. So it serves her right for going to a new place with her shittiness. Luckily for them though she won't be back there. :( Our prices aren't THAT much higher than, say, PetSmart but we offer a lot more than most shops. We are free roam, we don't kennel dogs. Both myself and the other groomer actually work really hard and spend a lot of time and money continuing our education and working towards certifications that other pet groomers just don't generally care about nor have a need for. If people want it cheaper, I won't blame them for going somewhere else. Just don't come back and complain to me that you didn't get what you wanted.


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Good thing the dog is easy to deal with because the owner sure isn't! -_-

How hard is it for her to let him sniff around and pee before taking him inside? That poor dog.


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