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This isn't so much a suck as just one of those super annoying things that happens at least 5 times a day.

I work at a bank.  Yesterday I cashed a $300 check for a man.  Any time the check is over like $200 I ask if the customer would like their cash any particular way.  He says no so I gave him $100 in 50s, $180 in 20s, a 10 and 2 5s.  I count it back to him and he hands me the 50s back and asks for 20s instead.  I give him the 20s and he walks away.  He walks back up to my window, hands me a twenty and asks for a 10, a 5, and 5 1s.

I didn't realize that "no particular way" actually means "Nothing bigger than a 20 and I need 2 10s, 3 5s, and 5 1s!

ETA:  I guess I should mention that it's also the attitude that most of these people have.  If you realize after I've given you your money that you need some 1s or something and ask nicely it's no big deal.  It's the people who say "Nothing special." and then act like I should have known that they didn't want 50s or that they needed some 5s and 1s that annoy me.  I'm not a mind reader!


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I'll confess that I've asked for something a certain way, then later realized I needed something else and had to sheepishly go back.

Still annoying to deal with it, but it's human nature I guess. :)


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Sometimes I think it's more the way they go about it. Like I should have known that they didn't want 50s. If you tell me no special way and you're getting $300 or more back my default is to give at least 2 50s.

The attitude you have when you go back makes a HUGE difference. :)


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But if you're just being nice about it...not mean, its dandy =)


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I find the hardest days to get through a retail shift are the days where you have to deal with a bunch of "minor" sucks like this. Ugh! Also, I wonder if these are the same types of people who say "i dont care which movie we see" followed by "oh not that one!" whenever someone makes a suggestion.


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It's like they don't want to admit that they have something specific in mind and they want you to guess until you get it right. Lol!


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As a person who works retail and sells her artwork at conventions and fairs, I wiiiish people would stop to think to ask their bank teller for smaller bills. They always blame the teller for giving them only large bills when I ask them if they have anything smaller ( paying for a $3.00 sticker with a $50 or $100 bill... ). When I'm selling my art, as I'm my own boss, I can speak a bit more freely, so when they try to blame you, the bank tellers, I step up and ask them, "well, did you ASK them for smaller bills?". It either gets them to stop and think for a second, or they look kerfluffled and say, "I can ask them for smaller bills? I didn't know I could do that!".


They need to stop blaming you tellers, and take the initiative to ask you for smaller bills. Truth be told, if I have a large amount of change to give back to a customer, I always try to give it back in larger bills so I don't run out of $10's, $5's, and $1's in two seconds flat. I'll only give smaller bills back IF a customer asks for it, or if I have no other choice.


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^ This.


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same here with giving big bills back, if i have the option to. like if someone gives me a $100 for a purchase of like $25, i like to give them a $50 back with their change if i can. i feel like i'm going "ok, you give me big bills, i give them back!" :P

although i work in a store so i have an advantage of the coin float in the safe if i get desperate. one time i was mad because this lady was giving a $100 like first thing in the morning and i'm like "NO. YOU'RE GETTING ALL $5s"


2012-11-21 11:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

We have to get our change from the grocery store courtesy desk, so we don't have that luxury of being able to run to the safe quickly for change. ESPECIALLY if it's busy and there is only one person on shift. And even when that one person does have a second to run for change, then we're at the mercy of the courtesy desk. If they have a line of customers, we have to wait until they can finish with their customers before they can give us the change we need. In the meantime, we could have a line of our own customers building up over in liquor, or they walk past the line, expecting the kids / cashiers to be able to ring their beer / wine up, which they can't ( policy ).

So I try to make sure I have as many small bills in my drawer as possible and give the customers the larger ones when they have a large amount of change coming back to them. This way, I don't have to keep running out of liquor, which is supposed to be manned at all times.

( Reminder: we're a liquor store located within a grocery store. We can't ring grocery items, and they can't ring liquor items. We just happened to be grandfathered into the grocery store. Guess it's a NJ thing that our liquor stores must be seperate from the grocery store, which the exceptions of a few speciality food stores. ).


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When I worked at the grocery store, the courtesy booth had a separate side window for employees to use, so if you needed change for big bills in a hurry you didn't have to wait in the regular long courtesy booth line. That proved very helpful on many occasions.


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I cracked up pretty hard at this:

one time i was mad because this lady was giving a $100 like first thing in the morning and i'm like "NO. YOU'RE GETTING ALL $5s"


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Luckily I like smaller bills so give me ALL the $5s!!


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If customers didn't say anything up front with me, I'd just dish out what was best for the status of my drawer (or the bank's vault; often we were running low on certain denominations), and if they asked for something different, we'd deal with it. But it was like if I brought up that they had a choice, they were going to make it stupid and complicated, if I didn't mention the choice they'd ignore it and love whatever I gave them.


2012-11-21 05:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

I had to give €17 in coins the other day because I had no small notes. The woman glared at me and asked in the most supercilious tone "could you not give me notes?"

I just wanted to ask did she think I did that for shits and giggles. The attitude some people have.


2012-11-21 08:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

seee this bugs the hell out of me. THey are getting the same amount of money back. Oh no its coins its too heavy for me to carry oh whatever


2012-11-21 10:20 pm (UTC) (Link)

I know,I always tell cashiers it's never in my purse long enough to be a nuisance.


2012-11-21 11:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Ditto. All of my change just gets dropped in a metal bear bank jar when I get home, which is then brought to TD Bank's Penny Arcade and changed out. Money is money, regardless if it's a coin or bill.


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I had a cabdriver who, when I paid my fair in quarters (bear in mind, it was $3.50, not like, $10) bitched VERY rudely about the change. So I told him forget getting a tip, since he clearly didn't want more change. He couldn't say a damn thing.

It spends the same way, and MOST cabbies (in that town at least) appreciated quarters, b/c most fares ended in denominations of 25 cents (it was zoned, and the in-town base fares were $2.75 (senior citizen rate), 3.25 3.50, and $3.75).


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I used to work in a coffee shop and i got this all the time from people who would come in at 7:05 (5 mins after we opened), order a small coffee ($1.52) and then pay with a fifty. "dont you have anything larger?!?! *hostile hostile, grumble grumble, i havent had coffee yet and have no coping skills!*" when i'd give them $20 in 5's, $25 in 1's, and $3.48 in assorted small change. sometimes i had no 5's at all and had to give them a roll of quarters.

IT'S SEVEN IN THE MORNING HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU THINK I HAVE IN THIS DRAWER?! WHY would i open with any 20's in my drawer, i sell coffee and 90% of my transactions are less than $5. also, thanks, you've screwed the next 8 customers after you who pay with $20's to getting the same crappy change you just got.

*ahem* sorry /rant


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Used to work at a copy shop, and one holiday season, =I= was the trusted/honored employee who got to lock up, then turn around and open the next day, with an hour's peddle-bike ride each way.

So this Sunday morning I've just opened up, and a woman all dressed up for going to church enters and asks me to break a $100 bill. I politely refuse. Now she gets all snarky on me, informing me that she'll "just make a copy, and you'll HAVE to take it!" I watch in bemusement as she collects the clicker for making copies (boy, that fad only lasted a few years!), then hands me the clicker for checking out. Without ringing up the $.06 "sale", I clear it out, thank her and wish her a good day. "But you HAVE to take it!" she demanded. I didn't; and we often gave grace for bad copies, even when we knew it was the customer's fault.

"Look. I just opened for the day. You're my first 'customer' so far, I have NO access to more change for at least 2 more hours, and counting the unrolled change, only have $100 in my drawer. I really cannot help you break that bill, I'm sorry." This seems to have gotten it through to her, because she did leave. And I was grateful, believe me!

Just thought my tale of amusing woe might give you a smile.

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omg i hate this!! or like if i have to give back $15 or $20 in fives... i had a guy all like "um, don't you have any $10s?" i'm like "if i had them i'd give it to you..."


2012-11-23 05:57 am (UTC) (Link)

Right now our little safe/bank is broken and we can't get more money. We need really close to exact change as possible. We will not make change for you. People FLIP OUT. I cannot break that $100. Or that $50 and NO I will not exchange that $5 for quarters or $1s. Try the gas station please. EXACT CHANGE or CC. END.OF.STORY. This is ALL I HAVE. Now GTFO.