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Never Fading
Dear guests,

I am sorry we did not have rooms for you. We are, at our expense, will pay for your rooms at the WESTIN down the street.

So why did you ignore the directions and four hours later show up at the Martiott? WTF. NO. We are not paying for that room. Go back to the Westin. Argh.

The heat is fucking with people's minds. We had a guests bug the fuck out yesterday because she left her kids alone and one of our engineers stopped them from going into the fitness center. They went back upstairs crying to mommy who stormed downstairs demanding that he be fired for disrespecting her kids. She went full blown crazy. Our manager tried to help her, explaining state laws (no unaccompanied minors) but she said her son is 15 and she trusts him. My manager wouldn't back down.

She started swearing and talking about how he wasn't there so he doesn't no shit and she trusts her kids but he (our manager) shouldn't trust the employees, especially HIM because he can't speak English. She wants our engineer fired. She wants our manager fired. And WHERE IS THE FUCKING SIGN that say you have to be 18 and older??

Finally my manager has had enough of her and when she asked for corporate'so number he told her she could look it up herself. She looked at me and asked me what was I doing?? I replied I was just waiting to get back on my station. This apparently a rhetorical question as she goes off on ME for talking back to her. I never asked you anything! Don't talk to me! You think this is funny?? Damn.

She storms out and sits down on the bench outside. A few minutes later my manager calls me into the back office. Listen, he says. We can hear her screaming at someone (it was the guest assistance people). Yeah. So a little while later guest assistance calls us and oh my god had she lied. She even said that she found used condoms in her room.

What a lying little bitch. Our general manager was updated and he said we should have kicked her ass out. He looks forward to talking to her in the morning.

Just a few more notes to people
Dear people,
You WANTED a no kill shelter. You got one. In fact, you got TWO. My wee little one and bigger in in 'next city over' You know..the place that got flattened by that tornado a few years back? Yeah, they are no kill as well...AND (this is important) they ALSO have a feral program, where they can spay/neuter ferals and put them into a colony, instead of the fact we have NO on site Vet, and thusly...can't do a damn thing with ferals except either let them go free (without vetting) or let them sit in a cage. WANT a no kill shelter, because you don't believe in killing 'perfectly good animals' for space. Then, you bring in your mangy sick mutt, telling us 'he's a wonderful dog/cat/whatever' and would be perfect for adoption (after of course, vaccinations, which you never got him/her, spay/neuter, and general care) Then you get mad because we have no room, because we are a no kill. You state that we should 'kill off a few of those who've been here a while' but if we did THAT...your dog/cat/whatever could ALSO be on the chopping block. Which you don't want. Either we are a kill shelter, and no animal is safe from being killed, or a no kill, and no space. Sorry, that is how things go.

To the people at new job, nighttimes,
People...if you are bringing in your entire soccer/baseball/tball/whatever team at the same time as everyone else....expect a wait. Especially if half those kids want the one thing on the menu that takes the longest to cook. We are not cooking this stuff, and letting it sit there for hours on the off chance you, and every other team in the district is going to wander on in. Deal with it (or take those brats elsewhere)
People in drive thru...if you drive on up, there are no places left in parking, it's standing room only in dine in, because we just got hit with four different teams coming in (plus others) AND there is a line in drive thru...and you decide to order 20+ burgers, with various and sundry toppings and everything else...EXPECT A FREAKEN WAIT. Oh...and CHECK those burgers before handing them out. Just because the first burger out was a single, and the person getting it wanted a double, doesn't mean they are ALL singles.
Yes, it would help if we 'labeled' each and every burger. However, with a relative new person on the 'burger' station ( was my second day after training) you're damn lucky to have gotten ANYTHING right.
Oh..and lady who got (gasp, the HORROR) a TOMATOE on her burger, when she didn't want one...there was no need to go through drive thru three different times to complain. We gave you a new burger, with NO tomatoe...then you come through again to complain about the wait in drive thru...THEN to complain that 'you didn't get any compensation'
In general, the new job is ok. No real customer interaction (since I'm pretty much just putting the stuff on burgers for drive thru, now and then handing over a carry out) Still....when we get slammed at 10 minutes to close with five different teams, and a good half of them want the one thing that takes five minutes to can get hairy.

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Snow White
Doctor's office monkey, here.

General suck: This has been getting on my dang nerves for a few weeks now. We're extremely busy during the summer months. This means, our schedule is booked out kind of far. Every day, I have this conversation at least three times.

Patient: "I need to make an appointment."
Me: "Just so you know, our next available is not until mid August right now."
Patient: "Seriously, you have NOTHING sooner?"

No. No I don't. That's what "next available" means. It means that there is NOTHING until then. You asking me isn't going to suddenly make an appointment appear. Like, "Oh, well since you asked that way, you broke the code! I can now give you exclusive appointments available only to those who break the code."

Specific suck: I was on the phone with a lady who wanted to have a consultation done for something cosmetic. I spent a few minutes on the phone, getting exact details from her of her issue, then explaining to her the different options and giving prices for treatment. She was very friendly for the duration of our conversation thus far. Then we get to appointment scheduling.

Me: What we like to do is schedule for a consultation and treatment on the same day, just in case you want it done same day, then we have the time allotted to be able to do so.
Lady: That sounds nice. I might not have anything done that day, though.
Me: That's okay. Just so you know, if we do a consultation only, it counts as an office visit, so we charge $50. However, if you have treatment done the same day, we wave the consultation fee, and you only pay for the treatment. But this is only if it's done the same day.
Lady: WHAT?! I'm not going to pay for NOTHING! Just for the doctor to LOOK AT ME!
Me: Well, it is considered an office visit, so you do need to pay for the doctor's time.
Lady: That's f***ing ridiculous! Who in the HELL would pay for that?!
Me: I'm sorry, but we don't do free consultations. We've lost a lot of money on people coming in for only a consultation, staying for 30+ minutes, then never coming back for treatment. It takes time away from patients with medical issues who need to be seen, as well as paying customers.
Lady: Well F**K YOU! *click*

Like, for real? Excuse me that you have to *gasp* PAY TO SEE A DOCTOR?! I seriously don't understand why that's so unheard of. If you take time away from people with skin cancer for unnecessary, cosmetic things, you better expect to pay.

(Note: I have no issues or judgement toward cosmetic things or people who do them. I get quite a few things done in our office, because laser hair removal is the greatest thing on earth. But for the people who don't understand that it's elective and not necessary, that bothers me.)

Card machine woes
I work in a concession located within a large store.

Our card machine isn't working too good at the minute. When a customer puts their card in, it's hit and miss as to whether or not it will register in the machine. If it fails, then I try again. If it still doesn't work, the till has the option to manually input the card number and expiry date into the till. All the customer has to do is sign a receipt so that we can check it against the signature that's on the card.

One customer accused me of trying to scam her. Apparently she'd never heard of this and found it "dodgy as hell". I explained to her that it was a perfectly secure way of processing the payment, but she disagreed. I held my cool and tried to explain again but she just kept talking over me and getting increasingly irate. For what? It's not MY fault she thinks I'm scamming her. I was just trying to help her by processing it another way. She put her card away and paid by cash instead. She told me she was not happy, not happy AT ALL *pout pout* and that "it's just not good enough!"

So, at the end of the day, she got all huffy and defensive about nearly getting scammed, when it was all in her head, yet what about me? It's not very nice being accused of being a scammer!

There are reasons for things we do
Dear Customers of our little humane society
Yes, as a matter of fact, there IS a towel over that cage, paper wrapped around it, so you cannot see in. There is also a sign on there asking you to please NOT DISTURB THE BUNNY.
There is a reason for that...SHE'S JUST HAD BABIES, I HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO PUT HER AND I DON'T WANT HER TO BE DISTURBED BY A BUNCH OF IGNORANT YAHOOS WHO HAVE TO SQUEAL OVER BABY BUNNIES. Not that you can see them...they are covered up with paper and fur. (her OWN fur, yes...that is what mama bunnies DO) I merely glance in to check that they are not making too much noise, that they are moving a bit, and that mama is ok, has water and food. I disturb her once a day when I take her and babies out, clean the cage, make sure of her food and water (and that the babies are all alive)

No, I'm NOT going to take mama bunny out so you can coo and squeal over babies. Yes, I would move her IF I HAD SOMEPLACE TO PUT HER. As it is, my cat rooms are full...I don't want her in too hot a room, as that is bad for babies. Nor do I need her in the back room with that loud mouthed cat. So...kindly keep your paws OFF the toweling and paper, leave Mama alone, forget the bunny is even THERE and go admire the rats.

On other news, yes we now have a vet. However, said Vet also has a clinic of her own, so we will be getting our animals vetted as time allows. At this time, all cats, except one in the lobby ARE adoptable. You do NOT need to go into the other rooms and 'see what is in the back' If you don't find the exact cat or kitten (and right now, all I HAVE in the back are kittens) come back in a week...we should have a few more ready for adoption.

thank you
your very tired and stressed out cat lady

To the arsehole who touched every sausage roll on the hot display without tongs and THEN didn't buy any of them:


We had to throw them all out and cook more because you are a dirty, little shit who has no manners and like to be a fuckwit. Does it give you a thrill to touch food other people might eat? That's just nasty and wasteful, I'm so glad you were caught doing it because it makes me feel sick that we might have missed it and other people might have bought that food with your dirty finger prints all over them. Urgh! Nasty arsed git.

Portrait studio pains...
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Do you also demand stores open their doors?
As usual, people don't read signs, or feel that because they have 'certain types' with them, signs don't matter.
They do
I don't care if you have great great grandma with you, and she wants to see the dogs. It's dangerous back there in the kennels right now. There is soapy water everywhere, hoses everywhere, dogs in kennel crates, kennel workers rushing about cleaning, using said hoses, soap, brushes, squeegees and not really looking out for people who shouldn't be there in the first place. Why do you think the front door was locked? Yes, I did unlock it...because the Animal Control officer had just driven up with some dogs.
One other little thing...the next asswipe who comes up, tossing over a kitten and stating he/she is going to just toss them out the window on the highway if we don't take them...I'm taking down your license place number and giving that information to the police.
I actually ENJOYED my new nighttime part time job...lots to do, but not as many hassles...yet.

For the love of... PAY ME!!!
paige, confused

Recap: I'm an extra-curricular dance teacher- I do clubs and PPA cover (the dance aspects of PE) in primary schools

I've recently set myself up as a business so that I could do some classes closer to home (most of the companies I freelance for are based in the next county over). I managed to land two contracts within my first half term (six week block), and it's been going well. That is until now, when one of the schools is due to pay me.
I do two types of contracts- one where the pupils pay me directly, and one where they pay the school and the school pays me a set fee at the end of term. This school is the latter.
My last class for the summer was last Wednesday, so I emailed an invoice over to my contact at the school on the Tuesday. I saw her on Wednesday (as she came to discuss the sign-ups for next academic year- so far, looking good) and reminded her that the invoice is in her account and due by Friday. She said "no problem, I'll send it over to the Accounts dept"

Friday rolls around, no payment. Not even anything pending. So I call the school and the lovely ladies in the office said that they don't know anything for certain, but they know I was being discussed by the Accounts dept so it should be sorted by the end of the day.

End of the day rolls around. No payment. But I do get an email from my contact, apologising because she never emailed my invoice over. She'll do it now and put in a reminder on Monday.

So now it's Monday, and still no payment received. I called the school's Accounts dept, who told me that they don't open on Fridays, so they only have the invoice now. They've sorted a cheque (I was expecting a bank transfer!) and I can pick it up tomorrow, when the required people have signed it (which can't happen today because those people aren't in).

So now, the payment that was due last Friday won't reach my bank account until this Thursday or Friday (or, worse, the following week, depending on how on the ball the bank is). It's bad enough that they actioned my payment three working days late after having my invoice sitting there for four days before it was due, but that they didn't even tell me that it would be via cheque (I would have set an earlier due date if I had known).

If this had been the other way around and I was due to pay them, they would be severing ties with me for being this late with payment! And they certainly wouldn't get away with doing that to a regular member of staff.

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Doctor Who
So, in honor of my second-to-last day of working retail (to be traded up slightly for the world of hospitality- though in the role of housekeeper, so less direct contact with customers), I think it's time for another round of:


1. Food, especially of the spilled or left behind variety. Do you want to hear the stories of all the spiders I've killed here?

2. Your own clothing. Adult men's socks, children's undergarments, what I'm pretty sure was a torn pair of pantyhose stuffed with medical gauze, I've found it all.

3. Empty wine bottles. In the children's fitting room. Seriously WHAT THE HELL.

4. A shoebox full of urine. Our shoes aren't THAT ugly!

5. (a reported one from a coworker who's worked at the store several years)- Firearms. There are so many ways that could have gone so wrong.


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